FrithCo founder and CEO, Zach Lurie has been striving for the past 5 years to create and develop the brand FrithCo. in pursuit of his dream to reach out to athletes within the extreme sports lifestyle. From the beginning, Lurie has competed and established himself in the extreme sports lifestyle through BMX racing, Motocross/Supercross Racing, and Surfing. His lifetime commitment to this industry shows in his commitment to this brands image and meaning as a whole.

Zach, a local country boy from small town Clermont, GA, moved himself to southern California at the young age of 17 to realize his dream and to learn about the industry's ups and downs from the inside out. While striving for success through the creation of his brand, Zach also attended school, receiving a bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing & Management at the Art Institution of California. Not one to shy from hard work, Zach is also the Marketing Director and Athlete Relations prospect for the Rock River Yamaha Professional Motocross and Supercross team.

"As a previous professional athlete I know the pressures, the dreams and the goals of an extreme sports athlete. Injury put a halt toward my racing career but this was not the ultimate deal breaker. The reality of the situation was FrithCo. I will always love, support and spread the enthusiasm of the hard working athletes behind the extreme sports lifestyle. This will be evident through the FrithCo brand," Zach remarked.

FrithCo, meaning "Peace, Freedom, Loyalty and Recognition." Four perfect, powerful words to sum up the origins of the extreme sports lifestyle. "These particular words were a reflection of my passion towards the sports I expose myself to," says Zach.

"We live by our motto, 'Respect yourself to Express yourself.' Freedom to do what you love, peace to everyone living their dreams, loyalty towards individuals and their choices. Recognition to the success of anyone and everyone dedicating their lives to their goals. It all has meaning, it all needs to be recognized and rewarded," states Zach.

Zach launched his company from Huntington Beach, California, marketing it through four close friends: Ben Lamay and Chris Johnson both Motocross/Supercross professional athletes. Barry Nobles a professional BMX athlete and US Olympic Long Team member, and Riley Kantor a free surfing lifestyle athlete. "I chose these particular athletes because of their association and drive toward what they love to do," remarked Zach.

"Be yourself. Do what you love, but put all of your efforts into it. Success never comes without hard work. Why work if your're not going to give it your all. A goal without a plan is just a wish. So shoot for the stars, plan for your future and never give up! You will succeed I promise."

-Zach Lurie, FrithCo. Founder and CEO.